Keep Your Child in Montessori for Kindergarten

Parents are protective of their children. They make sure that they are safe when they are outside playing and that they wear a helmet when they ride a bike. However, you need to take that same care when you are choosing the educational path for your children. If you have your children in a Montessori school for preschool, you may want to consider keeping them in Montessori for kindergarten, as well. There are some very good reasons for this.

Kids Love Montessori

Kids who have been in the program tend to take to the approach, and they love the idea that as they get older, they are going to be able to become leaders in the classroom. Allowing them to stay in the school for an additional year is going to give them this experience, and it can even help them to develop early leadership skills.

It Allows the Lessons to Stick

When a child transfers out of the Montessori school, it can often be a jarring experience. They may find that it takes them some time to adjust to the new way of learning in the classroom. By allowing the children to stay for another year, it helps to instill further the lessons that they have learned, better preparing them for when they move on to the first grade.

The Curriculum Has More Varied Offerings

One of the other reasons to consider keeping kids in a Montessori school is because it tends to have more interesting offerings than what might be found in a regular kindergarten. The lessons often go deeper than they do in other schools. Also, the entire way that the classroom is structured is going to be different, and it may stifle the creativity and freedom that the children were used to having.

These are only some of the great reasons that you should keep your kids in Montessori kindergarten before they head off to the first grade. If the Montessori experience has proved to be a winning formula for you and your children thus far, there is no reason to change it. If you are in NJ, you will want to learn more about the options that are available through Alpine Montessori. It could be the perfect place for your child to continue learning in this type of environment.

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