Make Documents Easy With EchoSign

While the ability to transmit documents of all types online has made business a lot easier and faster, it doesn’t always provide for the security when it comes to accepting signatures. With EchoSign by Adobe, this problem has been resolved with a highly secure, effective and streamlined e-signature process.

The key reason that EchoSign has risen to the top of this specialized area of e-document completion is the reputation of Adobe itself. With top level security throughout all software and programs offered by the company, businesses and customers alike trust the e-signature solution.

Used by freelancers, small and mid-sized businesses, as well as large multinational corporations and entities, EchoSign is a safe and secure option to get a deal closed and a legally binding contract completed without the need to courier or otherwise transmit documents for original signatures.

Tracking Options

While EchoSign can allow you to send a document to as many people as needed for signatures, it also provides for hard copy faxing and uploading through the system. It has the ability to work in 28 different languages and to allow signing instructions for the document as part of the information provided.

Additionally, it also allows for a full record of the transactions or movements of the document in real time. This allows you to know who has signed or who is still to sign, and this can even be provided with automatic notifications, which are very helpful with multiple signers on the document.

Mobility Factor

As with most of the top business apps and services, EchoSign is cloud-based, which means it can be accessed from anywhere in the world where there is internet connectivity.

For business professionals on the road, traveling as part of their jobs, or those who work outside of an office, this adds to the versatility of this service. Not only do you not need to be near a fax or a computer, but you can also simply use the program to sign a document from your smartphone, your tablet, or your laptop.

Business Contract Management

While not designed to be a contract management system, EchoSign provides effective monitoring of your contracts with the same ease of accessibility. This system can be used with a variety of other business tools, so you can add to its functionality based on the specific types of contracts or documents you routinely work with, sign, and have to process.

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