Memorial Stones A Wonderful Way to Preserve Your Loved One’s Memory

Memorial stones provide a wonderful means for family and friends to remember a loved one after he or she is gone. Personalized memorial stones for graves can serve as a tribute to family or friends who touched our lives in special ways. Here are just a few ways in which memorial stones can be used to show love and respect to those who have passed on.

In Dedication to the Decease’s Love or Service

Memorial stones can be placed at grave sites, public parks, gardens or workplaces in the dedication of the decease’s love or service to others. If you are planting a tree or plant in honor of a passing loved one, you can place a personalized memorial stone at its base to pay tribute to the one who passed on. It’s not unusual for memorial stones to be placed in public places to honor noteworthy members of the community who have died.

To Create a Sacred Space

Memorial stones can be used to create a sacred space for a loved one who’s passed on. This space could be in a family home, the local cemetery, church or a special location that the deceased loved. When frequenting this location, family and friends can take time to pay their respects to their deceased loved one.

To Show Respect for Founding Fathers

If the deceased was the founder of a school, business, health center, etc., a memorial stone could be placed at the site in his honor. An engraved memorial stone in the courtyard or garden of the place the deceased founded can serve as a tribute to his contribution to the community.

Through personalized memorial stones for graves, you can continue to honor a loved one upon his demise. Memorial stones serve as wonderful reminders that those dear and near to us should never be forgotten.

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