Myths about Bees Dispelled

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Unbelievably, there are over 20,000 species of bees on the earth, and that is just the species that are known about. While you never want to leave a hive of bees on your property, and should instead be sure to arrange for some kind of bee removal in Fort Worth area. There are a few myths about bees that need to be dispelled.

All Bees Make Honey

In reality, only honeybees and bees that don’t sting make honey. That is only those bees make enough honey that can be extracted from their hives for human use. In all only 5% of the bee species make any amount of honey. If you aren’t raising the bees that make honey and you find a hive on your property, you need to call in some form of company that will perform bee removal for you.

Every Species of Bee Will Sting

When it comes right down to it, only the female of the bee species can sting you. Still in many species of bees it is not possible for them to sting at all. Though many of them have the stingers to sting it doesn’t work, or in many species has disappeared altogether.

All Bees Live in Hives

One of the biggest myths circulating about bees is that they all live in hives. In reality, only the most social of bees make hives. The majority of bees live in nests under the ground. Most bees are actually solitary and make their nests out of wood, resin, or on other hard surfaces.

All Bees Work Hard

If you have ever heard the phrase, “busy as a bee,” then like everyone else you probably think that all bees work hard. In truth, only honey, stingless, and bumblebees work hard. The other half of the bees rarely if ever, works at all especially the female of the species.

Bees Die after They Sting

Only honeybees die after stinging someone. Solitary bees do not die after stinging. However, since they don’t have a colony to protect, they very rarely use this defense anyway, unless they are stepped on or feel threatened. These are just a few of the myths about bees that need to be dispelled. While they are many, it is still not a good idea to let a nest or hive of bees stay on your property if you find one. Call the professionals to ensure your home remains safe from a bee infestation.

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