Operate Confidently with a Sewer Pipe Camera Inspection in Escondido, CA

by | Jun 6, 2018 | Tools and Equipment

If you have a sewer problem, you want to make sure you know exactly what the problem is. Given the potential cost and workload of extensive sewer repairs or remodels, making a guess isn’t an option.

Technology allows you to better pinpoint sewer issues so you can carry out the most appropriate repair or service, and a sewer pipe camera inspection is an extremely simple yet incredibly effective way to identify a variety of sewer issues before making any major changes.

What Is a Camera Inspection?

When you aren’t exactly sure why your sewer is blocked or not performing, you can send a small camera through your pipes to locate the issue.

A sewer pipe camera inspection in Escondido, CA will typically involve running a fiber optic camera through your sewer lines, taking video the entire way. Nowadays, video quality can be mostly high-definition, and many services use a color camera for increased accuracy.

When You Need One

Sometimes people use these cameras, for example, during a home bathroom remodel, as the cameras will inspect the bathroom appliances to determine if they can handle the change. Most often, however, these cameras are used to locate sewer blockage; you can visit website for more information about these types of cameras and how they operate.

These are especially important if the issue will likely cause you to do some digging, and you certainly don’t want to be digging in the wrong place. The sewer pipe camera inspection will let you know where the blockage is exactly. Typically, these cameras have transmitters on them that locate the blockage and transmit it to the operator.

This dramatically reduces the amount of time spent locating issues and greatly increases accuracy in locating the issue and digging into the ground to repair.

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