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by | Nov 9, 2015 | Business

We know it is hard. It is never easy to wade through heaps of information and lack thereof. Just because you are, a business professional does not mean you have to make getting your website to the coveted page one of search engines. That is what we, SEO Guru Atlanta, is for. We offer many SEO services that will increase both your rankings and, in correlation, your sales. We offer many SEO services you will find most auspicious.

SEO for Lawyers

Law firms, in particular, need to have the most pertinent info on their sites to get, and keep, no clients. It is definitely not enough to simply create a page from scratch and hop for the best. Our SEO services for lawyers will help the clients in your area of specialty to your site. We will do substantial amounts of keyword research to move your site up in the rankings. This will get those clients you need to your site and it will help you retain them, too. Our SEO services and niche marketing can transform your site into the most cutting edge of its kind.

Social Media

Let us be honest: social media is not going away. It is not simply that “thing” that has all of the kids glued to their phones and computers; it is also important for business and SEO. Social media is also a ranking factor for search engine juggernaut Google, so you will want to make sure that your site gets as high up in the rankings as you can. We can do that! Our SEO services will help set your website apart. It does not matter if your industry is not very social. Having a social media component can help set your site apart.

Mobile Websites

Like social media, mobile phones are not going anywhere, either. Therefore, why don’t we embrace them and use them to our advantage. Actually, let us use them to YOUR advantage! Did you know that 60% of all internet searches are completed on mobile phone devices? It is true! Our SEO services will help your website be more accessible on any device—phones, desktops, laptops, you name it. We can help you create the perfect mobile website.

Business Listings

Our SEO services can make your business stand out in the directories. We will help make your business information consistent and updated. Did you know that if search engines find multiple, say, address or phone numbers for your business, your site will be flagged, decreasing your rankings. We do not want that to happen. On our end, we will scan the top 60 business directories, search engine, and mobile apps to make sure that your information is useful and reliable.

Content Creation

Online content should be of interest to your potential clients, and it should be relevant, updated material. One of our SEO services is helping create content that will lead more traffic to your site, helping the site ascend to the top of the rankings, which will help increase your customer base.

For the widest range of SEO services, why not let SEO Guru Atlanta get assist you with all of your SEO happenings.

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