Patio Chairs that Make a Statement

If you’re looking for high quality garden or patio chairs that look great and will last a life time, I have found the product line for you. The Adirondack chairs from Breezesta. Now there are a lot of different options and colors to choose from, so I will be going over the different styles to help you make that informed decision. I will break the styles into four groups, the standard line, the rocker chairs, the Stylized chairs, and the economy line.

With the standard chairs, there are three different styles with various options. The Shoreline model has a very classic wooden patio chair look with a rounded top; there is also a folding version in this same style. The Fanback design, although similar to the Shoreline, is squarer near the top which gives a more dignified look to it. The Coastal chair has a rounded top that narrows near the bottom, a perfect look for the beach or country side. This model also has an optional cushion for it as well as a smaller sized kid’s version. Each of these styles is also available in a rocker version and an economy version. You can even add foot rests for additional comfort.

The other designs of the chairs are the stylized versions. There are two different designs, the Windsail and the Royale. The Windsail has a very interesting design that almost looks like a wave on top. This design comes in both, a left and right, style depending on which direction the wave is going. The Royale design looks like those large and opulent arm chairs you would expect to see in an English castle. Both designs stand out and make a bold statement.

The Adirondack line of chairs comes in 20 different color options. One of the greatest customizable options is being able to have different color arms and legs, on the back and the seat. You can get creative or even keep them in the same colors as your favorite sports teams. You could also order red, white, and blue to show some American patriotism. With all of the different color options and styles available, your personal preferences are sure to be met. If you’re interested in checking them out, head over to and have a look! Breezesta is a great company that makes all of their chairs right here in the USA out of recycled plastics and backs all of their products with a lifetime warranty. So you can rest assured that you’re purchasing a superior product that will last. Or you can check their Google+ page.

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