Platinum and Diamond Heart Pendant: The Perfect Combination

There is no question that a diamond heart pendant is a beautiful and thoughtful gift; however, it is not until it is able to be placed in the ideal setting that this gift will really dazzle.

The most common settings for any diamond includes silver, gold – either yellow or white, and platinum. Platinum is a rare and precious metal and it is starting to become one of the best choices for fine jewelry. It will not oxidize or tarnish when it is exposed to water or air. Platinum is also a hypoallergenic option, which makes it the choice metal for anyone who suffers skin irritations from silver or gold.

If you are shopping for a diamond heart pendant, then you should consider having it placed in a platinum setting. The term ‘platinum’ actually originates from the word platina, which translates from Spanish to ‘little silver.’ While this metal has been used for a number of centuries, the use of the metal died out with the Egyptians. However, it was rediscovered by South African conquistadors, who thought the metal was silver. Since then, it has been a highly coveted and expensive, yet beautiful option for jewelry.

The Advantages Offered by Platinum

Not only is platinum valued for its extreme durability, but also for the rareness of it. While gold is considered rare, there is a significant amount more gold mined each year, over platinum. This is mainly due to the uncommonness of platinum deposits. Currently, they are only located in three different areas: portions of North America, Russia and South Africa. In fact, about half of the platinum deposits in the world are found of South Africa.

The Rarity of Platinum

Another reason platinum is so rare is due to the complicated process of mining that is used. In most situations, platinum is found mixed with other, more common minerals. If you are planning to purchase a diamond heart pendant set in platinum, it is important that you realize you will have to pay a premium, especially if you choose one that is pure.

Budget Carefully

There is no question that it is a beautiful option, but if you are on a limited budget, it may not be a viable option for the jewelry that you purchase. In some cases, you can purchase platinum mixed with silver, or other types of metal, which will offer the same durability but at a more affordable cost.

When shopping for any type of jewelry, it is important to consider all the available options. This includes stones and metal settings. When you do this, you will be able to find the best option for your needs, as well as the likes and style of the recipient of the gift that you plan to purchase.

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