Pressure Sensitive Adhesives – The Sticky Answer to Bonding Situations

Placing an object in a manner that will allow it to remain where you put it requires some glue or adhesive. Permanent bonds are by their very name, meant to last. Removable bonds, in contrast, are fairly easily removed and, in fact, may be removed and re-applied multiple times.

Because water, solvent or heat is not necessary to activate the bond, pressure sensitive adhesives can be either permanent or removable. In both cases, a bond is created when the adhesive comes in contact with a surface. The amount of pressure used can affect the bond, as can the surface conditions. A smooth, clean and dry surface will create the best bond, and the bond lasts best under moderate temperatures.

The Bonds that Break
In the instances of removable bonds, it will be important for the bond to last while it is needed but it must also be easily broken without causing damage to the object. For instance, pricing and promotional labels on products require a bond that will remain in place until it is removed. Ideally once removed, there should be no little or no residue left behind. It should be noted that the adhesive used in removable bonds will be less tacky, more susceptible to heat variations, and unable to withstand much weight.

Making a Bond Last
In manufacturing, it is often necessary to attach two surfaces together in such a way that they will not come apart. Some examples are safety labels on equipment, air ducts and automobile interior labels. In these cases, the bond needs to be more permanent. You will need to have a bond that can stand up to heat, because, in the example of air ducts and auto interiors, heat will be a factor.

Some bonds will initially be removable, but after some time they will “cure” to the point of being permanent. This situation is often true in the case of safety labels on equipment. Because there is always a chance that a product could be labeled incorrectly and would need to be removed and replaced, pressure sensitive adhesives that require time to set up would be the best solution.

Look to the professionals for guidance with your adhesive needs. They can help you select the right pressure sensitive adhesive for your project.

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