Protect Your Road, Driveway or Parking Areas With Asphalt Paving In Jackson MI

by | Oct 7, 2014 | Business

Covering your roads, parking lots, walkways or other high traffic areas is critical to keeping these areas open and functioning properly. For example, if you have a busy road with no surface protection it will quickly turn to mud, become rutted and full of potholes. This is easily avoided by using Asphalt Paving In Jackson MI. Asphalt is a mixture of pitch or other petroleum based cement with sand, gravel or similar aggregate. The aggregate gives the asphalt texture and the pitch provides the glue that holds everything together. Benefits to asphalt include easy application, quick setting and a unique look. Plus, asphalt is easy to repair and can be quickly resurfaced. Concrete, on the other hand, requires strong forms for pouring and proper curing time. Plus, it is difficult to repair or resurface.

Asphalt Paving In Jackson MI is commonly found on many roads in the area and it is the favourite surfacing product for most parking lots. This is because the product weathers well and provides an easy surface for high traffic areas. Unlike limestone based concrete, asphalt doesn’t require an extensive amount of preparation to lay the surface and the road, drive or parking area can be layered as required. This means that repairs are often as simple as adding a new layer of asphalt and smoothing everything into place. If the underlying ground shifts and the asphalt cracks then the pavement is easily sealed with tar or other bitumen products.

Asphalt actually has a number of uses and may be familiar as the shingles on your home or the flat roof covering of the building you work in. Surprisingly, asphalt has been used by humans for centuries although it has not really seen heavy use until the industrial age where its value as a surfacing product and sealant became apparent. It is often the most highly preferred option for road and parking lot surfacing simply because it is more cost effective than lime and clay based concrete. In some cases it is actually used as a surface over existing concrete because asphalt can provide excellent traction and waterproofing capabilities. It is important to remember to contract with an expert when you have your road or parking area surfaced so the final result will give you years of usage.

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