Questions to Consider before Outsourcing Your Printing and Mailing Services

by | Jul 15, 2014 | Business

Companies must always be considering better methods of doing things so that the company and all employees are being as productive as possible. Whether you are trying to manage workflow, planning new products or services or any other number of things, you may also want to consider outsourcing printing and mailing services that you use for marketing and customer rapport. However, there are some questions to consider before deciding to outsource these needs.


In most cases, the reason you outsource something is because there is some kind of challenge that you must overcome. This can be any number of things, including saving money or being more efficient and effective. Before you decide to outsource printing and mailing services, make sure the service will be of better quality, reduce costs and promote other better business practices.


It will typically cost you more to print and mail your own postcards and other marketing advertisements. You will usually need special software, specialty printers and specific paper to be able to print your own items and the cost to maintain all the equipment and buy supplies can far outweigh the price of using printing and mailing services. Find quotes on the types of services you need and then figure out just how much you spend doing it yourself to see if there is a big difference.


You ultimately want to see improvements in the type of mail and printing you receive through these companies. They have the skills and equipment to do a better job than you can and they have the staff to do it, as well. It can take away from employees’ regular tasks when you have them print and copy a lot of different documents and postcards to send to customers.

You should also see more repeat business and new customers with the service. People want professional documents sent to them that are polished and personalized, making them feel wanted.


Anything worthwhile should show success. In many cases, outsourcing something means you have to compromise something. You may need to share control of the work or adjust expectations. However, measure the outcome by how many new customers you get from these services and how much repeat business you have. This will show you that the options you have chosen are working for your target audience, meaning your strategy is on par.

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