Reasons Parents Give Their Babies Up for Adoption

by | Apr 12, 2015 | Adoption

When a woman puts her baby up for adoption with a adoption agency in Tulsa, people should not automatically assume that she is a bad mother and does not want her child. In most cases, the mother is making the decision that she thinks is best for her child and trying to give the child the life that she cannot give it at the time. No mother should be looked down on for choosing a better life for her baby; she should instead be commended for making the right choice for her baby, no matter how bad it hurts.Below you will find some reasons that mothers most often put their babies up for adoption with a Tulsa Adoption center.

Lack of Resources and Support

Many mothers will put their babies up for babies up for Adoption in tulsa area because they do not have the means to support the baby the way that they want too. Even though there are resources available for low-income single parents, many women want a better life for the children they give birth to, especially if the mother is young and still in school.

It is also possible that the mother has no emotional support from friends, family, or the father of the baby. In this case, it often becomes too much for them to handle and they end up giving the baby up for adoption, even though they do not really want too. If you are pregnant and feel that you are being pressured to give up your baby, there is help out there. You should never give up your baby if it is not your choice to do so.

Do Not Wish to be a Single Parent

Many mothers just choose not to be a single parent. If the father has decided to have nothing to do with the mother and child, then it is possible that the mother will give the child up for adoption instead of trying to raise the child alone.

These are just a few of the reasons that many mothers end up giving their babies up for adoption. This does not make them bad parents; it just makes them capable of thinking about the future of their child.

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