Aluminum Tubing

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Various industries from aerospace to marine exploration rely on various types tubing to get the job done. The most versatile and widely used, though, is aluminum tubing. Useful for both aerospace and commercial applications, aluminum provides more volume of metal per pound than steel products, yet has comparable strength. Cost-effective, efficient, and easy to work with, aluminum is a crucial material in most, if not all, industry applications.

Benefits of Aluminum

Aluminum tubing has excellent resistance to corrosion. This ensures it can be utilized without the need for added protection for different environments. Furthermore, the ability of aluminum to transmit heat makes it an ideal material for rapid heat transfers. Aluminum tubing is also very malleable, lending itself to being easily formed and welded. Including both heat treat and non-heat treat alloys. Aluminum is an extremely abundant metal currently being used in one form or another in just about every industry. It’s a green metal which is recyclable and reusable.

Benefits of Aluminum as Tubing

Aluminum as tubing grants additional structural strength while keeping the end product as light weight as possible. This tubing can be shaped, cut, welded, and made to fit in almost any project.

Aluminum Tubing in the Metal Industry

The aluminum industry employs an organized system of numerical classifications by which to identify the various alloys. This system consists of four-digit numerical designations, with the first digit indicating the major alloying element. The second indicates any modifications, and the third and fourth digits indicate which alloy is being used. There are 7 classifications: Aluminum, copper, manganese, magnesium, magnesium and silicon, and zinc. The diverse classifications mean different alloys are being used, resulting in different types of aluminum tubing. Different alloys offering ranging benefits in strengths or other properties often times at the expense of other attributes. Regardless of numerical designation, one thing remains the most important aspect: Quality.

Our Products

We at Aerotech Alloys feel that quality is not just a concept, but a philosophy that resonates throughout the company from start to finish. We are a full-line metals distributor with an extensive range of tubing and extrusion products. By offering competitive pricing, unbeatable customer service, and a wide selection of inventory, we serve our customers by offering the best of everything. Not only do we offer cut-to-size, next-day shipments, we pay close attention to detail for all orders.

It doesn’t matter what your aluminum tubing needs are, we can make it happen.

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