Reasons to Only Work with a Reliable Long Island Ice Cube Distributor

by | Nov 23, 2015 | Ice Cube

Whether the plan is to secure ice for a special event or to contract with a vendor to provide a steady supply of ice, it pays to work with the right Long Island Ice Cube Distributor. Doing so will keep things simpler and make it easier to achieve the desired end. Here are some of the reasons why it makes sense to choose wisely and establish a relationship with a distributor who is reliable.

Always Enough Ice on Hand

The great thing about working with a reliable Long Island Ice Cube Distributor is that there is always enough ice to fill the orders. That will make things much easier when planning a special event, like a retirement dinner, or some sort of holiday party for work. Instead of having to run all over town and try to find several companies to fill the order, making one phone call means more time to devote to planning other aspects of the event.

Recurring or Standing Orders

If there is the need to have a steady supply of ice, it helps to work with a distributor who can deliver the desired quantity on a recurring basis. For example, maybe the owner of a small grocery store needs a thousand pounds of ice delivered twice a week to keep fresh produce cool and looking good. Knowing that the ice will be delivered without fail ensures that the store owner is not left with anything to keep the lettuce from wilting or the tomatoes from ripening too quickly. Timely delivery of the ice ensures that the inventory does not spoil, something that would ultimately cost the owner a lot of money.

Help with Emergencies

If some sort of event should come up at the last minute, there is no time to call different distributors and hope they have enough ice to fill the need. When there is already an established relationship with one distributor, all it takes is one call to get the order processed. That will mean the ice is on the way without any type of delay.

When ice is needed for any occasion, contact Long Island Ice & Fuel and arrange to submit an order. The ice will be ready for delivery in no time.

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