Refrigeration VS Cryogenics

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While there is no clear cut demarcation between these terms, it is generally understood that cryogenics relates to very low temperatures (with emphasis on the word “VERY”). In physics, there is a concept called “absolute zero” – meaning a temperature that it is impossible to go below. Scientists measure their temperatures in degrees above absolute zero whereas in daily life, we measure the temperature in degrees above or below the freezing point of water.

A Question Of Degree

The difference between degrees Fahrenheit and degrees Centigrade (or Celsius) is basically linguistic since both measure the same thing. Both scales can be converted to their scientific equivalents which are Kelvin (for Celsius or Rankine for Fahrenheit). Thus, absolute zero in both Kelvin and Rankine is 0 which converts to minus 273.15° C or minus 459.67° F respectively.

Industrial And Commercial Uses For Low Temperatures

There are many reasons why an enterprise in California might need low temperatures. Crops and other foodstuffs store better at low temperatures, a shop vegetable display counter may chill the vegetables to a few degrees above zero Celsius to keep them fresh without freezing them – the equipment would usually be called “a chiller”. The same shop will keep pre-frozen foods and some meats in refrigerated cabinets for storage below zero Fahrenheit.

Bulk storage (such as animal carcasses awaiting butchering) can be stored in larger refrigerated places that are often referred to as walk in freezers. Such large refrigeration plant is often found at companies engaged in wholesale food distribution.

As a rule of thumb, chilling becomes refrigeration at 0° C and refrigeration becomes cryogenic when temperatures drop below minus 150° C. There are industries that require such extremely low temperatures for their processes. The largely fictional industry of freezing a human body to wait for a time when a particular disease has been cured is known as cryonics.

The Efficiency Of Commercial/Industrial Refrigeration In California

Whatever degree of cold that an enterprise requires is relatively simple to produce but, once the required temperature has been reached you need to control the freezing process and maintain a stable degree of cold. Being able to measure the coldness is, therefore, essential. We use thermometers to measure temperature and, in this digital age of ours, a digital read out is the most popular way of seeing the temperature reading. An Industrial Refrigeration Digital Thermometer In California will not only allow people to read the temperature, it can also be used to link in with the refrigeration plants control system and make adjustments immediately they become necessary.

The firm of Turn Key Systems, Inc. constructs and installs walk in refrigeration plant. For better control of their systems, they can supply clients with an Industrial Refrigeration Digital Thermometer For California

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