Restoring a Piece of Ventura History

From the bright lights of Sin city to the neon-lit streets of the Big Apple, there’s something timeless and warm about neon signage. But historic signs fade over time. That’s why we’re here.

Dave Signs is provides signage services, including neon signage restoration. Want to know how we work? Here’s a look at how we saved a vital and beautiful piece of American history from decades-long dirt and years of neglect with the Mayfair Theater Marquee project.

Historic Landmark

Built in 1940, the Mayfair Theater was designed by architect S. Charles Lee in the art-deco style and was a common sight in downtown Ventura, with its glowing golden arches sign. It was demolished in 2004, after a fire gutted the building, leaving behind only thick outside walls, the ticket office, and its neon marquee. The marquee was then moved to a lot downtown, where it would gather dirt and dust over the years.

After a decade, the U.S. Seabee Museum at Naval Base Ventura County decided it was time that the marquee was restored and preserved as a piece of a bygone era. That’s when they came to us.

Restoration Work

The museum hired Dave’s Signs to restore what was then a 73-year-old marquee. Because we knew we were handling a piece of the town’s history, we followed strict restoration guidelines in our efforts to restore the sign to its former glory. We understood the integrity and history of the sign had to be protected. We started by redoing the sheet metal. Then, we took off the old paint before repainting the sign in colors that matched the original. After that, installation of the new neon and fluorescent lights followed. We also recreated the marquee design.

The challenge was to make all that happen in a way that didn’t hurt the original structure. It was a good thing that luck was on our side. It was pretty sturdy and held up well during the restoration. We also did the work on the brakes for the installation and display of the sign.

Dave’s Signs

We had an amazing opportunity restoring the iconic Mayfair Theater marquee, and we would love to extend the same services to you. So if you need help with neon sign restoration, you don’t have to look for help far and wide. With over 20 years in the business, Dave’s Signs continues to offer premium signage solutions, including neon sign restoration services to businesses in the following areas: Ventura County, Santa Monica, Los Angeles, and the San Fernand Valley. For more details, call us.

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