Rocky Mountain National Park Hiking: A Hiker’s Dream Come True

by | Sep 18, 2015 | Travel

Rocky Mountain National Park is truly a hiker’s dream. The vast remarkable park offers more than 350 miles of hiking trails. Rocky Mountain National Park hiking trails each have their own unique features and beautiful scenery. From lake views to panoramic scenes from atop steep mountains, to waterfalls, Rocky Mountain National Park has a hiking trail for every level of hiker including amateurs and those who are more advanced.

Exceptional Lake View Trails

There are many lakes throughout Rocky Mountain National Park and the trails will lead hikers right to them. Lakes such as Chasm Lake give hikers a stunning view of the “Diamond” which is the side of Longs Peak that is shaped like a diamond. Other lakes such as Emerald Lake have nearby waterfalls that can be heard in the distance. Each lake trail offers something special as well as a different type of scenery.

Exquisite Mountain Trails

In addition to exceptional lake view trails, Rocky Mountain National Park has exquisite mountain trails. The mountain trails range in level of difficulty and length. For example, Longs Peak is known as being an extremely difficult hike. Despite its difficulty, it is also known to offer some of the most beautiful views in the park. Mount Ida is a trail that is not as difficult but still offers stunning panoramic views.

Dream-like Waterfalls

Some of the Rocky Mountain National Park hiking trails are adjacent to waterfalls. There is nothing quite like hearing the waterfalls as hikers traverse through the beautiful forest. The hike to Adams Fall is extraordinary, leading through gigantic pine trees and local plants. The waterfalls feed the streams that lead to lakes, allowing hikers to admire nature’s intricate irrigation system.

Ranger Led Hikes

For amateur hikers who do not feel comfortable traversing through the park on their own, there are ranger led hikes that are available. There are many benefits to taking a ranger led hike. One benefit includes being with an expert who knows the park and trails well, decreasing the risk of getting lost or injured. Additionally, rangers will be able to provide history and context for the trails that hikers may not have otherwise had exposure to, which will enhance the overall experience.

Rocky Mountain National Park hiking trails offer the opportunity for hikers to go on a hike of a lifetime. The trails create a sense wonder, admiration, and deep appreciation of nature’s exquisite beauty. A visit to Colorado must include a stop at the Rocky Mountain National Park. Locals and visitors find that it is hard to leave the park because it draws you in and provides a connectedness to nature.

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