Little Cigars vs. Cigarettes

People who do not smoke commonly confuse little cigars and cigarettes. Cheap little cigars, which are also called cigarillos, are basically the same small size of a standard cigarette. The biggest difference between the two comes down to the color. A little cigarette is typically brown in color while a cigarette is always white. In a cigarette, the tobacco is twisted with a white paper, while a cigar is wrapped in brown paper or a tobacco leaf of some kind. Another big difference between the two is that cigarettes are not natural like the little cigar.

The key component to each of these products is cut-leaf tobacco. Even though this is the case, cigars have something that the cigarette simply does not and this is 100% genuine tobacco. A cigarette will have various other ingredients included with the tobacco including toxins that lead to cancer and other lung disorders.

Even if you were to find a cigarette that is complete genuine tobacco it will not smell like a standard cigar. This is because the cigarette is covered with a white paper which is wrapped very firmly. Most of these packages do not state that the paper has artificial additives because it would significantly hurt cigarette sales and cause big problems for cigarette manufacturers.

A little cigar contains two of the same elements of a cigarette and that is packed tobacco and a filter. You can purchase some of the best little cigars primarily through online cigar stores. If you purchase a cigarillo without a filter they will be much bigger than the standard little cigar.

Unfortunately when you smoke a cigarette you are not getting the type of flavor that you get from a good cigar. A little cigar will give you a good tobacco taste without being over the top. When you taste a little cigar for the first time you will realize that it is nothing at all like a cigarette. The flavor that it contains is much more saturated and pure. This is because the product you are smoking contains 100% natural tobacco.

There is no way after smoking a little cigar that you could confuse it with a cigarette. While they may look a bit like cigarettes they have quite a few differences. If you want to smoke a product that has 100% pure tobacco and none of the additives then you should purchase your first pack of little cigars.

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