The Exofit XP Harness is Made for Several Applications

by | Sep 22, 2015 | Industrial Goods and Services

Are you looking for the latest in safety harness and fall protection technology? You might want to check out some models of the Exofit XP harness. This harness gets its name because it features one piece construction which envelopes the wearer in the shape of the letter “X”. Here are some of the many benefits you can receive and some of the applications it can be used for.

Made for Comfort

Do you need to be in a safety harness most of the day? If so, comfort is one of your top priorities. No one wants to sweat excessively and then end up with a rash or chafing to deal with. This can make life miserable. Your new Exofit XP harness will feel good all day long for these reasons:

  • It features special lining which allows for quick and easy evaporation of moisture. This not only keeps you dry as you work, it helps to cool you off.

  • The harness is lightweight and very soft. Soft material is far less likely to chafe you or rub you the wrong way.

  • The Exofit XP harness is made in one piece. It’s very simple to strap on and take off.

  • If your padding gets dirty, simply remove it, wash it, and place it back into the harness.


Are you a construction worker? Maybe you are in the iron industry? Perhaps your job has you climbing towers? You can find the perfect Exofit XP harness for your line of work.

General Construction Harness

The harness made for construction workers has some great features. Here are some of the advantages:

  • Can accommodate large workers – you can buy an XP to handle a total of 420 pounds of weight.

  • Body belt is removable and can accommodate a variety of tools.

Iron Workers Exofit XP Harness

  • Sub pelvic webbing provides greater wear protection for workers who must spend a great deal of time straddling steel beams.

  • Seat straps are reinforced.

Tower Climbing Harness

  • Quick connect features.

  • Seat sling can be removed to increase comfort.

Choosing the Right Size Exofit XP Harness

Harness sizing is not the same as clothing. For example, if you wear size XL shirts, this doesn’t mean you need the same size safety harness. The easiest way to determine your size is to click the link to the size chart and go to the section for the Exofit XP harness. This will help you find the proper size.

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