Seafood for a Crowd? With Wholesale Prices, It’s Possible!

It’s no secret that food can be expensive. The average American family spends anywhere from one to three hundred dollars a week for food. If you’re feeding a crowd, that number can be even more staggering.

There are many foods that those in charge of catering, feeding large groups or even providing for growing families may consider off-limits because of their budget. Seafood is at the top of the list. However, by shopping wholesale, you too can feed your bunch the very best from the surf and the turf.

Shopping Wholesale – For More than Just Club Members

Most people think of warehouse clubs like Sam’s or Costco when they imagine a wholesale retailer. This is not accidental; these retailers partner with corporate and nonprofit organizations to offer deep discounts to groups who shop their stores, making them a popular choice for everyone from churches to schools to bug business caterers. However, you don’t have to be a wholesale club member to buy seafood wholesale.

Many seafood distributors and merchants nationwide are moving into the wholesale market. Fresh lobster and seafood delivery services have begun branching out to provide corporate and large-scale consumers with options for buying their products in huge quantities at rock-bottom prices. If you’re looking for the freshest seafood available, these retailers offer the added benefit of focus; seafood is their primary product, so you won’t have to worry about shortcuts taken or corners cut.

Where to Buy

For the very best that the ocean has to offer, shop close to the source. While there are myriad wholesalers now dipping their toes into seafood’s lucrative waters, the most affordable options will always be those sourced from close by the waters where their produce is harvested.

Boston area retailers, restaurants and kitchens can consult James Hook & Co. seafood company for information on seafood wholesale purchases. Like many other seafood delivery services, they have branched out to offer large quantities of your seaside favorites at convenient prices and shipping options for your group. So, whether you’re feeding hungry family or a hundred coworkers, don’t be afraid to put seafood on the menu!

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