Should You Hire A Golf Club Manager?

by | Sep 15, 2016 | Business

It can be tough to operate a golf or country club in today’s world. It seems that more and more people are turning to cheap or free entertainment, or just staying home. However, one of the best ways to overcome such obstacles is to hire a manager for your company. Many clubs are now choosing to hire third-party management companies for a variety of reasons.

Program Implementation

The whole point of a golf club is to bring people together who love playing the sport. A manager will be able to create and implement programs to help increase memberships, improve retention of members and increase their spending habits at your establishment. Many times, the management company you select can, itself, bring in more clients and attract new members because of their connections and networking abilities.

Decrease Costs

While it doesn’t seem like a good idea to hire a golf club manager to decrease costs, it can work just that way. While you’ll have to pay the management company or individual, they can focus on your spending habits and needs. They can often find national buying programs to help with supplies, equipment, and insurance, as well as help with employee retention, sharing employees between clubs and offering other resources. Just make sure that if the company you select does these things, the savings are passed to you.


It takes a particular employee to deal with golfing all day and it takes a special person to recruit this talent. If you frequently hire/fire employees, the management company you choose may be able to find high-quality individuals that are experienced. Likewise, they understand the industry and can train new hires the way they should be trained so they can do their jobs correctly. This, in turn, can lead to members being satisfied, more efficiency in the workplace and more. Visit Paradigm Golf Group.

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