Slatwall Panels – Systems that Display, Organize, Hang, or Store Virtually Anything

Making full use of wall space is essential to keeping your store, garage, office or home functioning at top volume, and slatwall panels are a practical and popular solution. They can turning walls into functional and visually appealing display cases by providing a variety of solutions, including the necessary load capacities to meet your requirements. These panels are ideal for all types of apparel, specialty items, shoes and other horizontal displays.

Shelves can be run across the full length of the panel, only partially across, or can be staggered and arranged in distinctive ways to display merchandise.

Customers can browse your valuable merchandise with ease when it is at eye level and displayed on an attractive panel.

Optimize Your Wall Space
Slatwall panels can be used in a variety of environments – upscale shop fitting and design, to home displays and even trade shows. With retail space at a premium, this customizable solution offers a variety of designs and options.

Being able to maximize wall space with this reconfigurable product gives you the freedom to merchandise your product, whatever it is, while taking up minimal space for efficient store configuration.

Durable, Hard Wearing Product
Slatwall panels are made of medium density fibre board (MDF), which is a compressed fiberboard formed under extreme high pressure. Generally, the panels are 4’H x 8′ W with grooves spaced 3″ apart. If needed, these panels can be cut to fit your walls. This versatile product is available in a multitude of colors and finishes.

By adding aluminum groove inserts, you will more than double the weight capacity of each panel. These aluminum inserts allow for heavy items such as bulk leather goods, boots, tile samples, car wheels, heavy clothing, books, and more to be safely hung without damage to the panel.

Accessorizing Your Retail Display System
 * When configuring your wall display, the area at eye level, between 5 feet and 6 feet height, should display the items requiring the most emphasis and ease of access.
 * Areas above 7 feet are often used for display and storage of bulk items or hanging clothing which may be reached by using a hanger retrieval hook.
 * Lower areas, from the floor to 5 feet, are frequently set up with large stationary items, displayed on shelves.
 * Baskets are often used to conveniently display loose items, while keeping them visible. Signage should also be considered when accessorizing your system set-up.

Slatwall panels are truly an efficient solution for handling many, if not all of your wall display needs.

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