Steel Galvanizing: What You Need To Know

Steel buildings are made up of different metal components that when put together result in a sturdy structure that can withstand many elements. The structures are much cheaper to construct as well because of the metals used which are usually stainless or galvanized steel. Steel galvanizing New York is an important process for construction companies that need this type of steel to put up structures in the area and beyond. In most cases, high quality galvanized steel goes a long way in ensuring that a structure keeps its original look for years to come.

Basics steps of galvanizing steel

Steel galvanizing New York takes place when zinc is used to coat steel so that it does not get corroded when exposed to various elements. Since zinc reacts faster than other metals it is the ideal choice for galvanization as it will become zinc oxide as soon as it comes into contact with oxygen. Furthermore, the same metal reacts when in contact with carbon dioxide to become zinc carbonate which offers a protective layer over steel and other similar metals.

Hot-dip galvanizing, the name given to the entire process of protecting steel metal from corrosive elements involves the following steps.

Step One– Cleaning metal surface

Before the galvanizing process begins, the steel metal is cleaned thoroughly in preparation for the next step. After cleaning, the metal is placed is dipped in a solution of zinc ammonium chloride or passed through a molten form of the same solution. At the end of this step the steel metal piece is covered with a thin layer of zinc.

Step Two –   Coating with zinc

Although there exists a thin layer of zinc, it is does not offer enough protection for steel metal. It is at this point that the steel metal is passed through a bath containing molten zinc at high temperature so that the molecules of the two metals bond. The bonding ensures that the entire surface of the steel metal is covered with three layers of zinc-iron alloys to give it greater protection.

Step Three – Assessment of final steel finish

When the galvanized steel product finally cools down, its appearance should either be dull grey or resemble shiny silver depending on a variety of factors. Even so, both of these two finishes offer enough protection against elements that often corrode steel metal.

Learn more about galvanized steel

Good quality galvanized steel is an asset to most construction companies that use the metal on a regular basis. ELITE STEEL SUPPLY NY understands the need for use of quality material and has committed to offering the same to their clients. Apart from offering galvanized steel, they also offer other types of steel fabrication which include plate rolling, plate punching and steel bending among others. To learn more about their specialized services, contact them today!

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