The Benefits of High Pressure Misting Systems

by | Aug 31, 2015 | Home and Garden

If you would like to cool down or limit dust, you may want to consider a good misting system. In addition, there are many important benefits with high pressure misting systems. Here is more about these systems and reasons why you may want to consider them for residential or commercial use.

Not All Misting Systems Are the Same

Suppose you wish to cool off your outdoor patio space. You could opt for a cheap system to save on costs. However, many of these inexpensive systems will provide cooling, but not as much you might think. In addition, you may end up with the entire area wetted down and this may actually increase humidity levels and make it more uncomfortable for you and your guests, in the long run.

Why High Pressure Misting Systems?

A high pressure system can deliver water droplets at an amazing one thousand psi. High pressure can force the water through very tiny holes (as small as 5 microns). So why produce water in very small particles? You get much better evaporation, this way.

Evaporation is the Key to Effective Cooling

Evaporating water has the ability to cool things off a great deal. In fact, your home air conditioner, freezer, and refrigerator, all work on the principle of evaporation. Here is an example.

Get your hands wet from a faucet. Now stand in front of an electric fan. You can feel the cooling effects of the water as it evaporates from your hands. This occurs because evaporating gas literally removes heat as it evaporates.

Your air conditioning unit uses Freon (instead of water) because it has a very low boiling point. When the compressor pumps Freon through the evaporator coils, it boils and turns into a gas. This gas removes the heat from the air and it then travels to the condenser coils, where it turns back into liquid and the heat escapes the condenser coils (with the help of a fan). In essence, heat is removed from your home and this is how it is cooled. In fact, if you stand by the outdoor condenser coils in summer (when the unit is running) you can feel the heat leaving your home interior. A misting system works on the exact same principle.

High Pressure Misting Systems Provide Effective Evaporation

If you want the most cooling power from your misting system, a high pressure system makes the most sense. This is especially important if you are in need of a large commercial misting system. Make sure to use a quality built system from a company with years of experience in the business, for best results.

Fogco has been providing high pressure misting systems for commercial and residential use since 1989. If you would like to check out the many products we have to offer, visit us online now at Sitename.

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