A Few Uses for Assistive Listening Devices

by | Aug 31, 2015 | Intercom Systems

Assistive listening devices are very helpful for a variety of situations. For presentations, performances or tours and exhibits, these devices can both offset hearing deficiencies and help to secure an appropriate volume for different people without disrupting everyone else’s experience.

Assistive Listening

The idea behind assistive listening is very simple—technology is used to enhance a person’s hearing or provide extra information to an individual in the privacy of their own ears. These devices are usually small belt packs with earphones or ear buds attached. They are receivers for a transmitter that someone is speaking into and sharing information.


From a church to a shareholder’s meeting, there are moments when you really want to hear what a particular speaker is saying. Unfortunately, not everyone hears at the same level, so whether it’s a minister speaking to his small congregation or a CEO using a sound system to blast her message to thousands of employees, there’s a good chance that someone will be missing a few words.

With a device designed for assistive listening, a person can customize the amplification to make sure the sound is at a level where he or she can hear comfortably without affecting anybody else’s listening experience. These devices are also extremely helpful in classroom settings, where the child sitting in the back can finally hear what the teacher is saying, thus enhancing his educational experience.

Other Gatherings

Attendees to various kinds of functions in a public setting may benefit from assistive listening devices. You may be at a convention center for a car show or at an open event out in the open air where there is significant crowd noise. In such places, it’s often very important to hear what the speakers are saying. Such technological assistance can help you hear everything that’s said, without missing a word.

Tours and Exhibits

When a docent takes a small group of people through a museum or exhibit, it is often difficult for them to find the right volume to reach everyone in the group without disturbing the serenity of the exhibit. Assistive listening devices can help, allowing each member of the group to adjust their volume to the right level. For an outdoor tour, the volume can be raised to offset loud ambient noise to make sure that no important facts are lost as well.

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