The Benefits Of Living Gifts Any Time Of Year

by | Feb 23, 2017 | Business

Gift-giving can seem like a chore, especially when you have people in your life that appear to have everything or want particular items. It’s tough to buy for them, and you may end up just sending money or a gift card, neither of which is thoughtful or personal. However, you don’t have to spend hours online or in stores to find the perfect gift. Living gifts work well as a birthday present, holiday gift or anything else you can imagine.

They Last

The ultimate goal for you, the gift-giver, is to remind the receiver of you every time they use the item or see it. A bunch of flowers can work well for a short period, but what happens when they die? Your memory isn’t likely to fade from their minds, but you can remind them of your kindness and love every day when they water their living gift and care for it.


If you choose the right ones, they can be a decorative feature in any home. Just make sure that the plant isn’t toxic or harmful to pets or children if the receiver has a family. Plus, adding a touch of green to the room can make it look/feel complete and cosy.

Bring Outside In

Another advantage of living gifts from Love Our Work is that they can help bring in the outside. Most people love nature and want to decorate with it, but may not be sure of what to do. By giving them a live plant, you make it easier for them to bring nature indoors.

Health Benefits

Likewise, living gifts can improve the air quality inside, and can also be calming and relieve stress. This can be a reminder for them to be healthy throughout the year and help them keep their inner calm, even during tumultuous times. Visit our Google+ page, for more information.

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