The Dangers of Chlorine

by | Feb 16, 2015 | Business

In addition to the obvious effects on the skin, hair, and eyes from swimming in chlorinated water, the chemical has been linked with many serious health problems in children and adults. The carcinogenic vapors that chlorine emits have been linked with serious health issues such as damage to lungs, asthma, miscarriages and stillbirths, and bladder cancer. As these health risks become more widely recognized, it is no wonder people have been seeking options for a chlorine alternative pool.

Fortunately, many options for a chlorine alternative pool are available today. At Clearwater Pool Systems we understand the dangers of chlorine and we have made available two of the most effective water treatment alternatives: copper and silver ionization and ozone.

Copper and Silver Ionization

MineralPure is a very safe and effective chlorine alternative pool system. This scientifically designed ionization method greatly reduces the need of using chlorine in your swimming pool or spa. The basis of its technology uses safe and natural minerals combined with a low voltage DC current that releases copper and silver ions into the water which naturally kill algae, bacteria, and viruses.


OzoneMAX uses natural ozone to amplify the power of MineralPure’s copper and silver ionization in the water. This technology has been used by the US Navy Dolphin program, and businesses have been making the switch from chlorine to ozone to treat their pools. OzoneMAX is a vacuum ultraviolet system. It uses natural ozone from the Earth’s atmosphere combined with vacuum ultraviolet rays to provide a powerful oxidizer that can react 3,000 times faster than chlorine. When used in conjunction with MineralPure, you have the ultimate water sanitization force, completely safe and 100 percent natural.

Find Your Chlorine Alternative Pool System at Clearwater Pool Systems

At Clearwater Pool Systems we offer MineralPure and OzoneMAX at the lowest prices and include a simple ion test kit with all of our systems. This water treatment powerhouse will provide you with water so clean it surpasses EPA standards. These systems do not produce any harmful by-products and will never leave your skin feeling dry, your hair feeling brittle, or leave your eyes itchy and burning, the way chlorine does. Improve water clarity, improve your health, and improve the environment with our all natural chlorine alternative pool systems.

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