The Fine Art of Giving: Cigars as Gifts for Any Occasion

For the male species, especially those of a certain breed, class, and position and society, it is always a great idea to have two most luxurious gifts at hand during special occasions: a finely aged wine and a classic and quality cigar.

Today, there are many wine aficionados who can help one shop and choose. In fact, there are more cellars offering a wide variety of wines and so-called sommeliers are found in every restaurant, which can suggest and pack the perfect bottle of red and white. Unfortunately, such is not the case with cigars. In general, there is still a major lack of know-how surrounding cigars that hinders people from providing them as gifts to the most important men in their lives.

So how can one pick the perfect rolled cigar as a gift for any occasion? Read on for our basic guide to the highly exclusive but not necessarily intimidating world of cigars:

1 When in doubt, go Cuban

Much like wines wherein there the top of mind brands such as Italy’s Banfi or France’s Langlois-Chateau, when it comes to cigars, nobody does it like the Cubans can.

A Cuban cigar is top of its class because it has been made for thousands of years and with processing that is consistently followed for most of its existence and leaves that are kept in mint condition before used for rolling. In fact, manufacturing it alone is protected by the government. One does not have to go to Cuba to enjoy or purchase these magnificent creations by torcedores or cigar rollers that are the most skilled rollers in the world. But as a buyer, one must be wary of fakes or counterfeit Cuban cigars. One telltale sign of a real Cuban cigar is its marking of Hecho en Cuba or Made in Cuba while the first indication of a fake one is its price—Cuban cigars are great and they do have the price tag that goes with it.

2 Go for a little bit of history

There are ways to purchase cigars such as by its length and ring size, but if one wants to take things to the next level, choose a Rothschild or a Churchill. These types are commemorative of the names they took and provide the recipient a little piece of history, making them a great conversation piece that will impress the receiver to no end.

3 Flavors

If the recipient is not that well-versed yet when it comes to cigars, mild-flavored ones that usually come in lightly colored packaging are the best choice. For seasoned cigar users, giving cigars that are make a great pair to drinks such as Scotch or port wine is great.

4 Accessorize

Seasoned cigar smokers always appreciate accessories such as cigar cutters, humidors, and even specially designed ashtrays.

If women love a bespoke designer handbag, nothing speaks class like a monogrammed leather cigar case. Remember, when it comes to gifting cigars, the thought is everything.

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