The Importance Of A Carbon Monoxide Detector In Your Home

To keep you and your family safe from carbon monoxide poisoning in your home, contact a qualified dealer and purchase a Carbon Monoxide Detector. To learn about the dangers of this toxic gas in your home, read the following questions and the answers about carbon monoxide poisoning.

Q.) What is the cause of carbon monoxide poisoning in the home?

A.) This odourless gas is a by-product of fuel burning appliances including gas dryers, water heaters, stoves and furnaces. When a gas burning appliance malfunctions or it isn’t venting properly, it can release this deadly gas into the air. When you breathe this gas, it can make you very sick and even cause death.

Q.) Are there any symptoms to watch out for when carbon monoxide is released into the air?

A.) The first symptoms you’ll have after breathing in carbon monoxide is a headache, nausea and dizziness. Next, you may begin to have shortness of breath and you’ll feel tired. After inhaling a large amount of carbon monoxide, you may begin to experience mental confusion, lose your coordination and begin vomiting. As soon as you notice any of these symptoms, get outside into the fresh air as quickly as possible. Children and elderly people who have a heart condition or breathing issues are more susceptible to getting sick.

Q.) What are some steps to take to help prevent carbon monoxide poisoning in the home?

A.) Call a professional technician to service and perform regular maintenance on your gas appliances at least once a year. When you have a new appliance installed, make sure that it’s installed correctly by an experienced technician. Speak with a certified technician about purchasing a high quality Carbon Monoxide Detector for your home. Place the device near the ceiling and at least five feet away from any gas burning appliance in your house. If you have more than one level in your home, place a detector on each floor and near the bedrooms.

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