The Key Elements of Good Explainer Video Production

by | Apr 6, 2017 | Website Design

The business climate of the twenty-first century is like never before. Now, you have to compete with literally thousands of other businesses from around the world just to get in touch with your customers. You have to keep their attention in a world full of other attention-grabbing things, and you also have to find a way around their natural aversion to advertising. Customers now use ad blockers on their web browsers and television DVRs to avoid as many ads as possible. In this day and age, you need to create great videos that explain your product or service quickly and simply; you need an explainer video. Here are some of the key elements of explainer video production.

Clear Text

People aren’t much for reading, but they also don’t tend to watch a video for very long. This is especially true if it shows up on their social media timelines. In most social media platforms, when a video shows up, it automatically begins to play; however, the sound does not begin to play. So, for a few seconds, you have only the video to explain what you do and to entice the customer to keep watching. Clear text is important. It should clearly display what you are selling or offer the viewer a reason to keep watching.

Great Animation

Your explainer video production needs to incorporate great animation, great edits, and bright colors. People have to be enticed visually before they commit to watching a full video. The best way of doing that is with stunning animation that makes people want to watch. Once they are watching, then you can explain your product to them.

Appealing to customers in the twenty-first century has brought more opportunities than ever, but also more challenges than ever. You need to make sure that you are doing everything you can to explain your product or service and appeal to potential customers. Great videos are a way to do that.

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