The LGBT Marketplace is a Company’s Dream

by | Jun 22, 2016 | Business

The LGBT community is a business owner’s dream customer.  Their income is generally 20% more than hetero couples, they tend to be well-educated and very loyal to the companies they choose.  They spend upwards of 600 million dollars a year, making this a very profitable piece of the market.  Many of the community have been made to feel as if they cannot be who they are; they are responsive to companies who respond positively to them.  The LGBT community is well-known to each other and if you are good to them and give them good service, that news spreads quickly.

LGBT Members are Part of a Unique Market Base
The community includes all incomes, ages and races each and every one of them with different types of buying styles.  Since this market is so distinct and varied, you may want to focus your efforts on deciding which demographic you want to target specifically, and invest your resources and time there.  Hiring an LGBT marketing company to assist you with this, particularly if you have never dealt with the LGBT community before, is something you should seriously consider.

Advertise in Media that Caters to the LGBT Community
There have been surveys done that show that the community reads more magazines and newspapers and watches more cable than other sections of the population.  Besides advertising in regular media outlets, you might want to consider doing the same in media which is geared toward the LGBT community.  Television networks like gay friendly Bravo and national media such as The Advocate.  Sponsoring events geared toward the community can also have a huge impact.  If you are ready to add the LGBT community to your client base, and you are a gay friendly company, Pink Banana Media can point you in the right direction and teach you all the ins and outs you need to know.

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