The Various Metal Cutting Machine Types

If you’re company is in the market for a metal cutting machine, you’ll want to begin by understanding the various types available. The machine that you choose will depend on the job you need completed, as different machines have different capabilities. Many cutting machines now run on a CNC system, which means that a computer handles the cutting once it has been programmed. Make sure that you select a machine with the right capabilities, as this ensures that all of your jobs will be performed to the proper specifications.

Laser Cutting
Using a laser cutter ensures that every cut is extremely accurate, minimizing or eliminating material waste. Laser cutters allow for each piece to remain connected after it has been cut. Someone will then have to shake the material manually to break the metal sheets from one another. Although this might not sound like it would leave the smoothest cuts, the fact that oxygen and nitrogen are used means that this metal cutting machine leaves everything smooth and looking great.

Plasma Cutting
In basic terms, plasma cutters use heat to cut through the metal and leave it in any shape that you desire. This extreme heat leaves a very accurate cut and a smooth finish, so you won’t have to grind the material down after making the cut. This is much more precise than cutting the material manually and allows you to repeat a process multiple times to the exact same specifications. As an added bonus, plasma cutters are available as portage units, so you can use them almost anywhere around the shop.

Water Jet Cutting
If you are looking for detailed cuts, water jet cutting is probably your best option. These machines are able to make detailed cuts without wasting any material whatsoever, which will save you money in the long run. Much like the other metal cutters, water jets allow you to cut multiple pieces of metal to the exact same size, which is perfect for large-scale projects. The process also allows you to use the same piece of metal on multiple projects, which can save you even more money.

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