Threaded Rods in NY – Everything You Need to Know

Threaded rods are mainly designed to hold two items in place. Their applications are boundless, since they are used in virtually everything. These rods are made from a variety of different materials, ranging from nylon and other plastics to special steel alloys. Such rods are not readily available at your local hardware and maintenance store. Instead, you will need to place an order with a company that manufactures industrial supplies. You will need to specify the parameters you require, such as the circumference of the rod, the preferred material and the overall length of the rod before placing your order. There are several companies that manufacture threaded rods in NY.

What Are They Used for?

These rods are mainly used with standard-sized fasteners. Because of the threads around the rod, a fastener can easily be screwed on it. These rods are most commonly used in industrial machinery in order to keep two components tightly attached to each other. They are used in manufacturing machinery. Nylon threads are most commonly used in machinery because they are sturdy and resistant to corrosion. In the construction industry, rods made from special alloys are generally used. Using special steel alloys is necessary in the construction industry because companies have to comply with local and international building standards.

These rods are also used for electrical and plumbing purposes. They are generally used for AC fittings in ceilings. As you can see, the applications of threaded rods are endless. They are used in automobiles, buildings and even household appliances.

The Order Process

Standard-sized rods are generally available from big box hardware stores. However, most companies don’t usually need standard-sized rods. Owing to the specific nature of the applications for which they are used, many companies have to place an order beforehand. That is one of the main reasons why you need to place an order with an industrial supply company.

The first step is to figure out the dimensions. You need to figure out the size of the rods that you require, as well as their circumference. It is important to make sure that the measurements are taken accurately since even a small discrepancy in size could render the whole rod useless.

Once you have the sizes down, you need to call up an industrial supply company and place your order. The company will give you a quote based on the number of supplies you require. You will probably be requested to pay an advance fee before the company ships the products over to your warehouse. Once the products are shipped, the rest of the payment will be made at the time of delivery.

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