Three Tips for Finding a Surrogate

Those who can not get pregnant themselves do not have to give up the dream of being a parent. There are other options out there that will provide them with a baby, one of them being the use of a surrogate. Finding a Surrogate may seem like a difficult task, but those who are trying do not need to worry. By following these three tips for finding a surrogate, they can find exactly who they’re looking for in no time.

Work With an Agency

One of the best ways to find a surrogate is to work with an agency. They will have a list of candidates of women who have decided on becoming a surrogate mother. These potential surrogates will have gone through an extensive application and interview process to be sure they are the best possible candidates for surrogacy. Working with an agency ensures there is a guarantee of the service and a professional team ready and available to help with the process.

Choose Someone Who Shares the Same Beliefs

Although the impending parent and the surrogate mother may still not agree on everything, it is best to find someone who does share the majority of the same beliefs. This makes the process easier for both individuals involved. If there are expectations the person paying for the service has, and the surrogate does not believe the same thing, there could be issues going forward. Having the same overall beliefs and understanding ensures both parties are on the same page.

Be Comfortable With the Choice

Just because an agency says a surrogate is a good match, doesn’t mean they have to be the one chosen for the job. The potential parents need to be completely comfortable with their choice. If the two parties meet and it feels awkward and forced, then it probably is not a good match. Since this is the person they will spend the next nine months or longer talking to and going to appointments with, it needs to be someone they feel comfortable being around.

Finding a Surrogate can be a scary thing to accomplish, but following these tips will help make the process easier. Once surrogacy has been chosen, the next step is to get out there and find an agency, and a surrogate mother, who meets the needs of the impending parents. Once the surrogate has been chosen, they will be one step closer to a new life.

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