Types of Dental Fillings Used By Dentists in Oahu

by | Mar 16, 2015 | Dentist

The oral cavity can be treated by removing the decayed part using a drill and then filling it up with a special type of material that cannot come off and one that protects the tooth from further decay. During the procedure, Dentists Oahu will use anesthesia to prevent any pain or discomfort. Instead of a drill, the dentist can also use air abrasion to remove the damaged part. In the past, dentists used metal to fill in cavities, but dental medicine has advanced and come up with several other options like:

Resin ionomer fillings

They are natural looking made from acrylic and glass. They are used in small cavities or the tooth’s root surface.

Amalgam fillings

It has been in existence for the last century. Amalgam is made up of mercury, silver, tin, copper and other metals. It is silver in color thus not good for filling the front teeth. Some people are also concerned about the presence of mercury in it especially in children but is still used since dentists say it is safe. They argue that the other metals make the mercury component harmless.

Glass ionomer fillings

They are also tooth-colored and are made of acrylic and glass. They are the most commonly used. They have the ability to release fluoride into the tooth that protects it from further decay in the future. They are, however, not too good since they are not durable thus should be filled in areas not exposed to too much friction during chewing. Visit website for more info.

Composite fillings

These are tooth-colored materials made of glass and resin. They last longer and look more natural as compared to amalgam. However, they are much more expensive and take longer to fill and can get discolored if not well taken care of.

Custom-made dental restorations

This is where Dentists Oahu make a special mold in the lab just for you. It is an inlay that fills the whole and a crown to cover the tooth. You will have to visit dental doctors more than twice for the procedure to be completed. They can use porcelain, gold or other composite materials for the procedure.

Before getting any filling by Dr. Garrett T. Hayashi DDS, you should first discuss on what you like and the pros and cons of each filling type, then make an informed decision.

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