Ways a Professional Can Help in Handling Water Heater Repairs in Fairfax VA

When the water heater in your home is not working, it can make handling many daily tasks more difficult. From hand washing to laundry, having hot water is an essential to many cleaning tasks. When you are experiencing problems with your unit, you will need to call a professional who handles Water Heaters Repair in Fairfax VA.

One of the first things a technician will do is to check the pilot light on the unit. Most homeowners know to check to make sure the pilot is lit. However, if the gas thermocouple or control valve is faulty it will not stay lit. If this happens, the technician may need to replace these components.

Another common problem that can cause the unit to stop producing heated water is sediment or mineral deposits in the water tank. Most water has some form of mineral content. This sediment will generally begin to collect in the water heater. Eventually, it may result in a layer of sediment forming on the inside of the water tank. This can prevent the transfer of heat from the tank to the water stored inside it. This will result in a lack of hot water in the home.

A technician from a company that performs Water Heaters Repair in Fairfax VA will first check for this by attaching a hose to the drain valve at the bottom of the unit. The valve will be opened and a bit of water will be allowed to drain from the unit into a bucket. The technician can check this water for sediment. If he or she finds a substantial amount, the unit will need to be flushed.

Flushing a water heater involves releasing all the water form the unit through the drain valve. The drain valve is then shut and the tank is filled with cold water. The valve is reopened while the cold water is running in the unit. This will cause the water to move through the unit and back out through the drain valve. This process will be done until the water being released is clear. Once this happens the sediment should be cleared from the unit and it will be able to work properly again.

If you are experiencing issues with your water heater, you will need to call a professional for assistance. For more information, please contact All Plumbing Inc.

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