Ways to Implement Water Conservation in the Sprinkler System in Wichita, KS

by | May 27, 2015 | Sprinklers

Kansas has seen its share of droughts. These droughts are reminder that the water supply is not endless and that water conservation is needed. One area in which water conservation is essential is in the yard. While yards need water to stay green, there are still ways to save on water with the right type of sprinkler system. These are some ways that water can be saved.

One of the key items for Water Conservation in Wichita KS for yards is the placement of the sprinklers. The configuration of the yard will determine the layout of the sprinkler system. Since water is wasted if the sprinklers are watering the street or sidewalk, the alignment of sprinklers should be made so that the range of the sprinkler is hitting all areas that need it. If it is unavoidable to water the sidewalks and roadside, the amount of exposure should be minimized as much as possible.

Another key item is a sprinkler system that detects the rainfall and shuts off. Since rain is a natural watering source, the sprinklers are wasting water if they are on during a rainstorm. In some cases, this can cause the yard to become over-watered. This is a real danger for yards because it can cause the grass to die. Instead of that green look, the grass drowns and will need replacement.

The timing of the sprinkler system is also another key element of Water Conservation in Wichita KS. Grass absorbs water best in the early morning or at night. Since the hot sun can evaporate a lot of water, the efficiency of the system is reduced in the hot sun. This means that it takes more water during the hottest hours of the day to provide the same amount of watering during the cooler hours of the day.

These are some of the ways that water conservation can be accomplished through a sprinkler system. While water is an important part of maintaining a green yard, the water must be used judiciously in order to also conserve it. For more information on how to employ these water saving measures, contact Rain Link Inc.

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