What You Need to Know About Tower Construction in Minnesota

by | Oct 8, 2015 | Cell Phone Towers

Constructing a high-quality cell phone tower requires thoughtfulness, expertise, and the finest workmanship. To prevent outages, towers need to be constructed with care. Moreover, continuous maintenance is needed to ensure that towers are functioning optimally. Proper tower construction in Minnesota is required for phone carriers to deliver reliable service to their customers.

The Installation Process

The installation process begins from the moment there is an inquiry. Upon receiving an inquiry, engineers determine whether they can design a tower that meets the needs of the customer. During the design phase, engineers must ensure that towers meet the state’s regulations and standards. They collaborate with the customer to select which tower type is appropriate. The most common tower types are a lattice, monopole, and guyed. Engineers must also identify an ideal site for the tower. Overall, they need to balance the industry’s standards with the customer’s unique requirements. Strategic planning and consulting are integral components of the design phase.

Once engineers have completed the design of the tower, selected the site, and received the appropriate approvals, the actual construction can begin. There are four main components of a tower construction project. The components include utilities, supportive equipment, the tower itself, and the antenna.

The utilities refer to the power and phone services. Sites that already have such services are preferred but if pre-existing services are unavailable, they can be installed. In addition to services, every tower needs supportive equipment, such as transmitters and receivers. Upon installation of the services and equipment, the tower itself is constructed. The time it takes to construct the tower is dependent on which type of tower is chosen. Lastly, the antenna is added, and it influences the reliability of phone service. Each main component has its process.
During the construction phase, clients are informed about timelines and the overall success of the project. Necessary modifications may be made to optimize the performance of the tower. Once the tower is complete, carriers can begin using its services, but continuous monitoring takes place.

The Maintenance Phase

Tower maintenance is just as important as the installation itself because it is what ensures that towers are performing optimally. Maintenance includes inspections, repairs, snow removal, pest control, and modifications. Changes may need to be made to the tower itself or the site. Proper maintenance prevents outages and keeps uptime high.

In the event of an outage, some companies offers a 24-hour response service that immediately resolves the issue. This gives carriers reassurance and peace of mind. Ultimately, maintenance promotes the tower’s longevity.

When it comes to tower construction, there are many different elements that are taken into consideration. While the installation phase is crucial, the maintenance phase is equally important. Well-done tower construction positively impacts carriers and their customers.

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