When Might You Need An Amazon Product Data Feed?

In today’s online digital age, the word “Amazon” has only one meaning for many netziens (netizens). It has nothing to do with the women warriors of ancient Greek mythology or, the mighty river flowing in South America. These days, just about anyone who can use the internet knows Amazon.com to some degree or another. Maybe they know it as just as a place to look for unusual or out of print books or, possibly, they think of Amazon as the USA’s largest internet retailer (if not the largest in the world). However, unless they are an e-commerce seller, very few of them will know what an Amazon Product Data Feed is.

What Is The Relationship Between Books And The Amazon Product Data Feed?

When a website like Amazon’s is only showing an individual’s secondhand book for sale, it can work by allowing the seller to simply type in the information on a web form and submit it directly to the site. As the scope of offered products increases, the seller might also be allowed to upload a graphic file picture of what is being offered for sale. But, once a site like Amazon starts taking on a whole catalogue of a supplier’s products, it soon becomes more complex to get all the data accurately shown on the website.

The way in which such product data is sent to a web site is called a web feed and this takes the form of an encoded file containing all the relevant data; this is usually formatted as a comma separated (csv), tab or xml file. Sellers wishing to have their products shown on Amazon have to ensure that the file meets the Amazon Product Data Feed formatting requirements.

Is This The Same As The Amazon Product Advertising API?

An API is an application programming interface which means that it is the routines, protocols, and tools used when building software applications. Although this is similar to the data feed file used to upload to Amazon; the Amazon Product Advertising API is specifically designed to benefit partner websites that that carry data that can be helpful to Amazon through such as links or referrals.

Can I Get Any Plug-Ins For My Amazon Product Data Feed Software?

In computing, a plug-in adds a specific feature to an existing application. For example, if you use the data feed software from SmartFeed, they can also provide you with their Amazon Management plug-in to further enhance the feed’s usefulness to your e-commerce business.

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