Where to Seek Violin Repairs

by | Dec 21, 2017 | Business

Proper care and maintenance of an instrument is important to keeping it sounding and playing properly. No matter the amount of care you take, problems can arise. When they do, having a violin repair shop that you frequent as well as trust is crucial to the life of your instrument. When choosing a violin repair shop, there are quite a few things you must take into consideration before you leave the well-being of your valued instrument in their hands. Making sure they have the skill to do what you need, as well a strong reputation, is fundamental but researching what they have to offer is also of great assistance.

Professional Work and Timely Services

Being without your instrument is like being without a part of yourself. This is why finding a violin repair shop that understands your situation is so important. Those shops that are dedicated to the craft of making violins will use the highest quality materials to ensure your repair is done right and will be long lasting. A professional craftsman will talk you through what your instrument needs, explaining the process, as well as the time frame that is involved. They will then provide you with a precise quote that covers your costs and expenses for the work they will be providing. Violin repair shops that understand and respect your connection with your instrument are key to helping you keep your violin sounding great.


When seeking repairs to your instrument, the last thing you want is to work with a shop that doesn’t stand behind their work. A professional violin craftsman believes in their work and will want you to do the same. This is why it is important to find a shop that guarantees the work they do and are there in case of issues. If this is the kind of violin repair shop you are seeking, the team at Ronald Sachs Violins are the people you need.

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