Who are Short-Term Furnished Apartment Rentals in NYC Ideal For?

by | Sep 24, 2014 | Business & Investment

If you plan to be in New York City for a brief-stint, deciding where to stay can be a difficult decision. If you don’t have friends or family to remain with, your main options then become a hotel or an apartment. Hotels are generally adequate for very short stays, but they lack the comfort and frugality for anything longer than a few weeks. People in the following groups may appreciate the benefits of short-term furnished apartment rentals in NYC even more than most.

People Traveling With Children

Anyone with a child knows that they thrive on routine. Having your own space that mimics the home environment helps kids adjust better, sleep more soundly and keeps them happier. There’s also more room to spread out, stow gear, and play. Additionally, there’s a dining area for traditional family meals that you can prepare in your own kitchen, so the entire family can eat healthier and feel well.

People Who are Relocating

If you’re moving into the area, finding the right long-term place can be challenging. Selecting a short-term furnished apartment rental in NYC provides you with more time to make important decisions. You’ll have a local base, so you can visit neighborhoods and get a feel for the right one. You’ll also get a better understanding of how long your commute will take from different areas, so you can select one that doesn’t require lengthy travel or multiple transfers. Moreover, when all the essentials are already in place, moving is much easier.


Because New York City is home to numerous continuing education establishments, universities and colleges, it’s common for students to choose this type of arrangement as well.  Student-housing is somewhat uncommon and the ability to lease for less than a full 12 month period is essential if you wish to head home during breaks. Naturally, not having to buy furniture and goods for the space is helpful, as students tend to have full class loads, busy schedules and minimal funds to make purchases.

Long-Term Visitors

The term “long-term visitor” includes anyone who plans to stay more than a month, but not live in the area full-time. This is common with business professionals who are attending conferences or events in the area. The group also contains international travelers and US travelers who want to take in more of the region during their stay. Additionally, those who wish to stay close to any of the multiple medical centers for treatment, or be with family who is receiving care, can benefit from this type of environment. It makes it easier to keep families together in a home-like environment.

Short-term furnished apartment rentals in NYC have been growing in popularity during recent years. If you belong to one of the groups mentioned or you think you’d simply appreciate the comforts of home on your next trip, consider looking into one.

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