Why a Waterproofing Roof Is Important

by | Mar 9, 2015 | Business

When you own a commercial building, the benefits and beauty of a vegetative green roof can be obscured quickly if the roofing system that is below begins to leak. In order to ensure that this does not happen, a waterproofing roof is essential.

Consider the Waterproofing Roof Design

When you install a vegetative green roof application, then the roofing membrane is going to be placed underneath the vegetation. The more steps and plans you make to ensure a waterproofing roof design, the more likely you will be to extend the roof’s life and the more successful the application process will be.

To achieve better puncture resistance, you should choose a thicker membrane. If you have opted for a single-ply membrane then 60 mil needs to be the minimum thickness that is used for your green roof application. You also need to ensure that you have a strong seam in order to offer redundancy. In order to attempt and prevent the possibility of punctures and abrasions, then you should eliminate the use of mechanical fasteners right under the membrane.

Test and Inspect the Roofing System

Once you have installed all the necessary waterproofing roof layers, you will need to test the system in order to be confident that it will not leak. It is important to test the membrane you have installed while it is still visible to ensure that you can access any problem areas easily. There are three primary tests to use when testing the waterproofing of the roof you have installed. The three testing methods include: the flood test; the flowing water test; and the electronic field vector mapping method.

Protecting the Roofing Membrane

All of the vegetative green roofing systems need to have some degree of protection for the membrane. This can be in the form of fabric mats or boards. Additionally, membrane protection should be increased in heavy traffic areas or under any designated walkways. When you protect the membrane, this will add an additional layer of protection for weatherproofing the roof.

The Importance of Regular Maintenance

Just like any other roofing system that is installed, it is important to invest in regular maintenance of your roofing system. You should not be misled by the thought that since the membrane is under the green roof, there is nothing you can do to maintain it. You need to clean the drains, inspect the flashings, check the sealant and always inspect it after a major storm.

When you invest in weatherproofing your roof, you will find that a vegetative roof can offer a number of benefits. Besides being eco-friendly, this option can also help you to save on your energy costs. Keeping these tips and benefits in mind will help you see why waterproofing your roofing system is so important and the importance of maintenance after the roof is fully installed.

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