Why Are Electric Hand Dryers Better Than Towels?

Personally, I really do believe that using Electric Hand Dryers is not only better but also much safer than using any sort of towel (be it paper or cloth). But, the strange thing is that I do not have any Electric Hand Dryers installed within my home – is this a case of double standards or what?

Probably it is a result of a mix of tradition and snobbery. Although we do not entertain guests in our bathrooms we want that “little room” to look nice in case a guest should need to “use our facilities”. We decorate with the latest fashions in tiling and fixtures and the place looks showroom perfect. To complete the decoration, we like to see expensive cloth towels hanging from trendy fixtures. There is something industrial about the look of Electric Hand Dryers and this, along with their association with public washrooms does, somehow, make them appear to be out of place in our home surroundings.

Definitely A Better Dry

There can be little doubt over whether or not Electric Hand Dryers do a drier job compared to wiping your hands with a disposable tissue or a piece of re-usable cloth. The hot air generated within the Electric Hand Dryers and blasted over your hands definitely removes all traces of the water that you washed your hands in.

But Is It More Hygienic?

If you believe that, no matter how well you have washed your hands, there will still be some traces of microbes, germs, bacteria or whatever remaining on your skin, then a re-usable piece of cloth (no matter how absorbent or luxurious) will soon become inhabited by whatever it was in the water on your hands. Disposable paper and other types of tissue towels are thrown in a trash can as soon as they have been used so there can be no direct transference of residual “bugs” but, what about any bugs lying in wait on all those tissues in the can?

The disposable towel industry has claimed that it has laboratory proof that, under the blast of hot air from Electric Hand Dryers, the bugs can become airborne inside the washroom. The evidence for this can be disputed but the manufacturers of Electric Hand Dryers have come up with an indisputable solution anyway. With the latest dryers, the hands are placed within the machine and the hot air goes downwards where it is passed through sanitary, anti-microbial filters before re-entering the washroom – all bugs are filtered out (if there were any there in the first place).

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