Why Marketing Is Needed in Fundraisers for Schools

by | Oct 13, 2015 | Reusable Bags

School fundraisers are exciting and fun ways to get students and parents involved in raising money for their school. To optimize the success of the fundraiser campaigns, marketing is a necessary piece of the puzzle.

Maximize Exposure

With fundraisers, marketing comes in handy to increase exposure. Proper marketing can ensure that the entire community knows about the fundraiser, and they know the steps to take to get involved. Marketing can come in the form of social media posts, banners, flyers, letters, and emails. Combining multiple forms of marketing is the best way to reach more people. Fortunately, when collaborating with a fundraising company who specializes in school fundraisers, they can create most of the marketing on your behalf.

Create Consistency

Another benefit of marketing is it creates consistency. Since school fundraisers tend to involve hundreds and maybe even thousands of people, consistency is key. Being able to have consistent marketing tools such as scripts, pre-written letters, and cards are all helpful in ensuring that the fundraiser has a professional image but is still fun for those involved. Fundraising companies take the burden off of parents and fundraising leaders by having pre-made marketing materials that can easily be tailored to your school’s needs.

Communicate More Effectively

On a similar note of creating consistency, marketing helps volunteers communicate effectively. The number one reason most people donate is because they feel touched by the cause or the purpose of the fundraiser. Fundraisers for schools allow youth to practice communication skills. Having pre-made materials can help them sound more knowledgeable and confident, and it increases the chances of their participation.

Create an Enjoyable Experience

Fun school fundraisers are typically more successful. Marketing not only helps sell the fundraising products to the donors, but it also helps sell them to the youth and the volunteers. If volunteers are sold on what they’re selling, they will be more excited and more convincing in their pitch to the donors. By creating an enjoyable experience for youth through marketing, fundraisers will be more likely to succeed, and your school can reach its goals.

Increase Sales

Marketing also helps increase sales. Simply by maximizing exposure, creating consistency, communicating effectively, and creating an enjoyable experience, fundraiser sales will increase by leaps and bounds. Fundraisers that have good marketing campaigns appear more professional and organized, which makes people want to donate. Good marketing also conveys that the collection process is simple and hassle-free.

Professional fundraising companies make fundraisers for schools easy, fun, and convenient. Marketing is often included in the packages, which makes every component of the fundraiser smoother and easy to replicate. When it comes to creating successful fundraisers for schools, marketing can make all the difference in reaching your goals.

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