Why Metal Items Are Still the Most Reliable Fasteners in NY

The tools for construction are constantly changing. Construction companies are always seeking ways to reduce their costs and increase the amount of profits while still maintaining the reliable service they have come to be known for. When a customer hires a construction company, he or she wants to know that the work will be high quality and long lasting. Because of this, some companies are switching to adhesives instead of the traditional fasteners in NY construction jobs.


Adhesives are gaining a lot of popularity for joining wood, metal, plastic, and composites. In many instances, adhesives and sealants are cheaper alternatives to metal for joining materials. Companies have noticed this and begun to make the switch. However, this might be premature.

Aluminum, brass, nickel, and steel have been in use for hundreds or thousands of years as materials most suitable for construction. Chemical adhesives and sealants are susceptible to conditions such as moisture, heat, cold, and wind. In fact, sunlight itself can oftentimes degrade the quality of chemical adhesives making them less effective. Adhesives are oftentimes unfit for use outdoors as they can be rendered inoperable by the weather. They tend to cost less because they are less effective.


Chemical adhesives degrade when exposed to moisture, heat, or cold. In areas such as New York, where temperatures consistently drop below freezing, adhesives can harden and be less effective. In surrounding areas, where temperatures are routinely over one hundred degrees Fahrenheit (thirty eight degrees Celsius) the heat can cause adhesives to melt and no longer seal properly.

Aluminum, brass, nickel, and steel fasteners are impervious to heat and cold. When temperatures reach extremes, metal items will not break, bend, or become less effective. Steel and any other metals containing iron are susceptible to rust. Because of this, they need to be coated to resist against moisture. Metals such as aluminum that do not contain iron are not prone to rusting.

Because of this susceptibility to moisture, nylon and plastic implements can also be used in high moisture and underwater applications.


Depending on the chemicals involved in chemical adhesives and sealants, you might have to use special gear to apply the substance. Some chemicals contain Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) that become gaseous even at room temperature. These substances can be dangerous for you or your pets to breathe in, creating health problems. Obviously, metal, nylon, and plastic fasteners do not release harmful chemicals so they are always safe for indoor use.

Due to the volatile nature of some of these chemicals, some adhesives require you to wear protective gear to apply them. You must wear gloves to prevent the chemicals from coming into contact with your skin. Also, some chemicals require you to wear a respiratory device so you do not breathe in the chemicals. To know more visit EK Fastener, Inc.

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