Why You Should Have Your Home Inspected before Placing It on the Market

by | Jul 17, 2017 | Business

Are you thinking of selling your home to purchase a larger one for your growing family? Perhaps, you are being transferred to another state for work and need to place your home up for sale. Whatever the reason may be for selling your home, it is important to hire a home inspector in Gardena, CA before placing your house on the market. A complete inspection of the home before placing it up for sale can help find any hidden problems that can frighten off potential buyers or delay the process of closing on the home.

Benefits of a Home Inspection Service

  • You gain the expertise of a certified home inspector in Gardena, CA specifically trained in inspecting and testing a home for potential problems such as mold, sewer issues, or lead-based paints.
  • They offer a detailed report of any current problems or potential issues with the home.
  • Allows you the opportunity to fix the issues before placing it on the market to attract prospective buyers.
  • You can include the cost of any necessary repairs in the price of the home by deducting how much the new owner will need to pay out to fix the issues.
  • Allows for full discloser on the home to potential buyers so they know what type of dwelling they are purchasing.

Improve Your Chances of a Quick Sale

With a home inspection, Home Front Inspect can provide a written report on any problems found with the residence. If no issues are found, this document can provide the proof you need to potential buyers and their financial lender that the house is in top condition. By knowing of any problems, you can negotiate with the prospective buyer to find a reasonable price for the home. When you are up front with any repairs that need to be completed this helps establish trust with the buyer and improve your chances of selling the home.

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