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by | Jun 30, 2016 | Education

Is a career in the field of law something that piques your interest?  Do you see it as exciting and interesting or do you truly have a desire to help people?  Whatever your reasons, taking online classes from an accredited program means that you will be able to sit for the CLA/CP and ALP exams which can lead you into many areas of law.

You have a Skill for Life
Once you have completed courses in this field of study and passed the required exam for certification, you have a skill that stays with you always.  Paralegals, particularly those who are certified, are much in demand.  The demand for paralegals is expected to increase 17% by 2022.  You are not locked in to working only as a paralegal either.  You may decide that you want to share your knowledge with others through teaching and mentoring.

It can be a Stepping Stone
Once you have completed the courses and have worked in the field for a while, you might even want to start your own business.  If you find out that law is even more interesting to you than you thought it would be, you might want to continue your education and go on to law school.  You will find that the knowledge you already gained from your classes puts you ahead of the game if that is your decision.

Be Happy and Proud of What You Do
When you enjoy what you do for a living, getting up and going to work every morning gives you a sense of self-worth and personal satisfaction.  It is time to learn the skills that can give you a career that not only makes you feel that, but also gives you the opportunity to help people.  That may be the best reason of all!!

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