Things To Know Before Getting A Data Science Degree In New York

by | Jul 11, 2016 | Education

If you want one of the highest pay jobs available in technology, Information Scientist could be the best job for you. However, most people don’t understand what education you need, making it tough to determine if a data science degree is necessary in New York.

Is It Best To Get Formal Education?

Some extremely technology-savvy individuals may be able to self-teach themselves everything they need to know. While that can be beneficial and save time, most companies want someone with a data science degree in New York. If you don’t have proof that you have taken the courses and understand the theories, you may not get the chance to shine and show off your skills.

With that said, the term data science can refer to a variety of disciplines. In essence, your job will be a variety of different skills that are rarely found together. This means you may need to take more courses and focus on specialties, such as CDAP to get the information and education you desire.

Because of this, RSquare Edge offers a 12-week boot camp for CDAP training, designed to help those with a degree in the field. Therefore, if you don’t already have formal education, you won’t be able to take their course. Many educational facilities are doing similar things, making it necessary to have the education already before taking courses for specialties within the field.

All Courses Not The Same

The trouble some people in New York have is that they don’t realize that the courses can be repackaged materials from others. You want a program that explains everything to you in a friendly, easy-to-learn environment. Online courses may take information from different sources and mash it all together for you to read. However, RSquare Edge is different. They have small classes with esteemed faculty. You know you’re getting the most updated information possible and that it is relevant to your needs.

To ensure this, they require that you send in an application with resume. They’ll also have you take an aptitude test, ensure that you’ve got a data science degree in New York or another acclaimed university, and will determine if you’re a good fit for their 12-week course. While three months doesn’t seem like a long time, you’ll learn everything you need to about CDAP, making you a better asset to your company.

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