Dog Training in Lafayette =One Big Happy Family

by | Jul 11, 2016 | Pets

Dog training in Lafayette can ensure that you get all the joy possible from your dog. An untrained dog can be a challenge in any household. You can literally spend your days either enjoying your dog or chasing them around as they are acting out and being unruly.  As part of committed dog ownership you should have your dog professionally trained because it brings harmony to the house and to your dog.

Safety Issues
It is important that you start training as soon as possible not only to make the transition into the home easier but also to keep your pooch safe. There are so many dangers that are ever present you want to be able to keep your dog safe by having them respond to commands. If your dog runs out you want them to know that they have to come back when you call them or to stay until you can get to them.

Getting Along With Others
Training also helps a dog to see more clearly where they fit in with the family. A well-trained dog will allow guests in without jumping up on them, or showing aggressive behaviors. They will understand their role in your household and respect boundaries.  Getting along with others is a very important part of living with a family. Everyone has to learn their boundaries as does your dog, training can help.

Make it a Family Affair
The whole family can work together to help train the dog. This will ensure that:
*Everyone is on the same page-if mom says no couch, so does dad
*Everyone can learn the basic commands and reinforce them at home
*Everyone can cheer on the pup to make to encourage new behaviors

Owning a dog is a huge responsibility, making them a part of the family requires training. The Tail Haven can help!

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