How to Select a Healthy Teacup Yorkie?

Are you looking for the perfect teacup Yorkshire Terrier to add to the family? Traditional Yorkies usually come in at somewhere between four and seven pounds when they reach adulthood. A teacup Yorkshire Terrier, however, will be smaller than four pounds. No matter what size the Yorkie in your life, these pups are energetic and a lot of fun.

But what should you look for in a teacup Yorkie? We have the answers to help you choose the perfect dog for your family.

Yorkshire Terriers are blue and tan. The head is usually a tan on the ears, chest, and front legs. The body is blue from the back of the tail to behind the head. However, when it comes to puppies, they are often a darker blue that may seem almost black. This color will lighten as the dog ages.

Adult Yorkies also feature silky, long hair that is very straight. There is a natural part in the center along the back and neck. With a puppy, you’ll find they have shiny, bright coats. However, they may be a bit more fluffy and soft until the coat grows in a bit more.

When looking at the tail of a teacup Yorkie, they will typically be docked to a medium length. There will also be long hair on the tail that falls in a plume. A Yorkshire Terrier’s tail is often a bit higher than their back. If a tail has been docked too short, it will stick up straight. If it has been docked a bit too long, it is likely to droop. You will also find that the hair on the very end of the tail is often the darkest blue on the puppy.

If you are looking at a litter of puppies, you generally want to choose a puppy who is about 12 weeks of age. You will also want to ensure that the dog has had its first set of vaccinations and is weaned from its mother. A healthy Yorkshire Terrier will have clean ears, a moist nose with no discharge, and clear eyes. You will also find that a Yorkshire Terrier has ears that stand up when alert.

If you are interested in buying a teacup Yorkie, consider getting in contact with Princess Puppies. We breed designer dogs like Yorkies, Maltese, and Yorkie-Poos. You can find out more about our business by calling us at a 318-613-2898.

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